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Move-in/out Procedures
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The relocation of your company’s offices begins with your standards on how you would like your space to function and ends with the Property Manager handing you the keys to your front door.  The Management Office knows how difficult and frustrating any move can be; therefore, this section is designed to help reduce the trials of moving and facilitate a peaceful and smooth relocation.  Please read this section carefully, as it pertains to all aspects of moving in or out of 1633 Broadway.  Please do not hesitate to call the Management Office for any questions or assistance concerning your move, and remember we are here to help you!

Please click here for the Tenant Relocation Checklist
Please click here for the Move Out Form

General Moving Information

  1. Paramount Group has a list of building approved movers.  These movers are familiar with our building standards and can ease your concerns regarding the treatment of your merchandise.
  2. All moves must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance with the Management Office.  Weekend moves are preferred and are available with advance notice.  Weekday service is available after 5:00pm.
  3. Your moving company must submit an original copy of their Certificate of Insurance ten days prior to your scheduled move.  The Management Office will not permit your move to take place without receipt of this Certificate prior to the date of your move.  Please contact the Management Office for acceptable statutory limits, additional insured and coverage required.
  4. Movers must protect corridor floors, walls, doors and surrounding areas.  The mover should acquaint themselves with all conditions and limitations of the facility which might affect the move.  The moving company shall take every precaution to safeguard the Building from damages. 
  5. Floor and Wall Protection:The moving company shall at all times protect and preserve all materials, supplies and equipment.  All reasonable requests to enclose or specially protect such property shall be complied with.  This means:
    • All corners must be taped
    • Masonite floor protection must be used on all marble, terrazzo and carpeted floors.
    • Elevators must have properly fitted pads in place.
    • Materials transported in elevators must not exceed weight restrictions.
    • Large, high density items such as safes require special handling to ensure building and elevator floor loading limits are not exceeded.  The Management Office must be notified at least 48 hours in advance of moving this type of equipment.
  6. Clean Up After Move:
    • The moving company shall remove all Masonite, padding and other trash after move and insure that no empty boxes are left.  The Management Office will remove any leftover materials and a charge will be made to the Tenant for any damages caused by the movers to Building areas.  Therefore, the Tenant must insure that the movers are aware and adhere to our standards.
  7. Permits, Franchises, Licenses, or Other Lawful Activity:
    • The moving company, at its own expense, will obtain and maintain any necessary permits, franchises, licenses, or other lawful authority required for effecting the movement and handling the other services to be performed.  Before the move is made, the moving company may be required to produce evidence of such authority to the Management Office.


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