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Certificate of Insurance:

All policies shall be taken out with insurers acceptable to Paramount Group, Inc.  The moving company shall provide and deliver Certificates of Insurance to Paramount Group, Inc. at least ten (10) days prior to any moving operation.  All policies shall state that at least thirty (30) days prior written notice will be delivered to Paramount Group Inc. by the insurer prior to termination, cancellation, or material change of such insurance.

Each certificate shall show the “Certificate Holder” exactly as follows:

Paramount Group, Inc. as Agent for
PGREF I 1633 Broadway Tower, L.P.
1633 Broadway
Attn: Building Manager
New York, NY  10019

Additionally, the following must be named as “Additional Insured” on the policy:

  1. PGREF I 1633 Broadway Tower, L.P.
  2. PGREF I 1633 Broadway Land, L.P.
  3. PGREF I 1633 Paramount Plaza L.P.
  4. PGREF I Paramount Plaza Holding GP,LLC
  5. PGREF I Paramount Plaza GP, LLC
  6. Paramount Group, Inc.
  7. Paramount Group Operating Partnership L.P.
  8. Paramount Group Management GP LLC

Please note:  “Certificate Holder” and “Additional Insured” are different.

Each certificate is to bear an original signature of an authorized representative of the insuring firm.  If a computer printed or other non-standard form is used, it must bear the title “Certificate of Insurance” and provide all the required data including the original signature.

Please contact the Management Office for a sample Certificate of Insurance which shows the acceptable limits for coverage.

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