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Insurance Protection

Tenant Insurance:

All leases include a provision requiring Tenants to have public liability, fire and extended coverage insurance for all Tenant belongings located in the Tenant’s premises. 

Tenant must also maintain general liability and property damage insurance designating the following as “Additional Insured”:

  1. PGREF I 1633 Broadway Land, L.P.
  2. 1633 Broadway Owner I, LP
  3. 1633 Broadway Owner II, LP
  4. PGREF I Paramount Plaza Holding GP, LLC
  5. 1633 Broadway Owner I GP, LLC
  6. 1633 Broadway Owner II GP, LLC
  7. PGREF I Paramount Plaza, L.P.
  8. 1633 Broadway Holdings I, LP
  9. 1633 Broadway Holdings II, LP
  10. PGREF I Paramount Plaza GP, LLC
  11. 1633 Broadway Holdings I GP, LLC
  12. 1633 Broadway Holdings II GP, LLC
  13. Paramount Group Operating Partnership LP
  14. Paramount Group Management GP LLC
  15. Paramount Group, Inc.

The Certificate of Insurance must also contain agreements by each insurance company providing coverage that such coverage will not be materially changed or canceled with not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice to Paramount Group, Inc.

Please click here for Insurance Requirements

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