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The Messenger Center operates for internal service only.  It is located in the loading dock, adjacent to the lobby on the west side of the building.   There is an entrance for outside messengers on the 51st Street side of the building.   Tenants may access the Messenger Center through the lobby by walking towards the loading dock.  Hours of operations are from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.  There is no service on holidays or weekends.  The phone number for the Messenger Center is (212) 237-2972.

The center accepts hand delivered mail and it is redelivered by a Messenger Center “runner” to the tenant suites as needed.  All large package deliveries and flowers must be picked up by a tenant representative at the Messenger Center. 

United States Postal Service has one daily scheduled pick up from 1633 Broadway, Monday through Friday.  Stamped, first class mail up to 16 ounces may be dropped inside the building in the mail drop on C level.  Bulk mail or medium to large package mail should be taken to the postal facility on 52nd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues.  Do not use the vertical drop columns in the common areas.  U.S.P.S. does not pick up mail in the drop columns.  If mail is dropped in error, contact the local P.O. at (212) 265-6675.  U.S.P.S. will not pick up mail left outside the “U.S. Mail” vertical drop columns in the building.  Please do not leave packages, loose mail, bundled mail, or bags of mail in the common areas.        

Overnight mail or special delivery, such as Federal Express, UPS, DHL, Airborne and any other non-postal materials will enter and leave 1633 Broadway by their own representatives during regular business hours through the loading dock on 51st Street.

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