Construction Rules and Regulations
Insurance Protection
Move-in/out Procedures
Rules Concerning Pets
Construction Rules and Regulations

In accordance with the provisions of your Lease, Landlord hereby makes and promulgates the following rule and regulation applicable to all tenants and other occupants of the Building:

In connection with the completion of any alterations or in the performance of any other activities within the Building, the labor employed or contracted for by Tenant or other occupant of the Building shall be harmonious and compatible with the labor employed or contracted for by Landlord in the Building, it being agreed that, if, in Landlord’s judgment, Tenant’s or any occupant’s labor is incompatible, Tenant or such other occupant shall forthwith upon Landlord’s demand, withdraw Tenant’s or such occupant’s labor from the Building.

Click here to download a copy of the Building Standard Construction Specifications

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