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For deliveries after 6:00pm, the courier will be redirected to the 50th Street entrance and the tenant will be called.  If available, the recipient will be asked to pick up the delivery in the south lobby.

Tenants wanting to send a package, in addition to labeling the package legibly to the recipient, must write her/his name, phone number and extension on the upper left corner of the package so that the Messenger Center can contact that individual should the package not be picked up by the courier.          

All food deliveries are to be delivered to the 50th Street lobby entrance.  The individual who ordered the food is then contacted by the delivery person and asked to come to the lobby to receive and pay for his/her delivery.  When making your food order please give your direct phone number to the vendor making the delivery.

Should catered food orders for a breakfast or luncheon be made, please email the Building Office in advance to inform us of the caterer’s name and delivery time.  You are not required to escort the caterer to your space; we will permit the caterer access to a freight car to your floor. 

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