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A service charge will be incurred for any additional HVAC or cleaning services.  Charges for HVAC will be reflected on any sundry bills issued by the Building Office the month following the service. 

Please note that due to increases in union wages, the cost for these services changes annually.  Please contact the Management Office for the current charges.


10 Yard $654.80 plus tax
20 Yard $800.31 plus tax
30 Yard $945.83 plus tax
Elevator Service  
Freight Car $154.57 per hour 
$201.61 per hour / holiday
Loading Dock  $96.25 per hour  
$138.44 per hour / holiday
For Both  $250.82
*Please note that there is a (4) hour minimum when reserving the Freight & Loading Dock during the weekend*
Engineer  $146.64 per hour plus tax
HVAC – Overtime  
Floors 1C – 2C  $508.37 per hour (no tax)
Floors 2 – 25  $2,149.67 per hour (no tax)
Floors 26 – 48  $2,207.77 per hour (no tax)
Keys $6.12 each plus tax
Lost or Stolen ID Badge $24.31 (No Tax)
Porter $91.55 overtime per hour plus tax
Resetting Circuit Breaker $56.32 (plus tax) 
Rubbish Removal $125.68 per yard (plus tax) 
Security Guard $88.34 overtime per hour (plus tax)
Sprinkler / Drain Refill $574.20 (plus tax) 


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