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If local authorities or the Emergency Action Plan Brigade call for a partial or full building evacuation, the following will take place.

  • The EAP Director will activate the EAP Plan.
  • Announcements will be made of what happened, where it happened, what part of the EAP we are activating, and why an evacuation is required.
  • Announcements will continue instructing tenants to evacuate the building and proceed to the building's FDNY approved assembly areas.
  • All tenants must walk to the primary assembly area which is inside Central Park at Columbus Circle, and the secondary is Dewitt Clinton Park at 53rd Street and the West Side Highway.
  • Building Staff with banners that read 1633 Broadway Assembly Areas will be at both sites to assist tenants who arrive at the assembly areas.
  • Information will be passed on to tenant evacuees as it is received from local authorities.
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