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Fire and Life Safety

If you discover a fire sound the alarm and remain calm; never use the elevator to evacuate.

  • Pull the manual pull station located next to the buildings two fire exits stairs, stairway "A" is on the south side and stairway "B" is on the north side.
  • Call 911 from a safe location once you have evacuated.
  • The fire warden has been trained to call the fire command station anytime the siren goes off on your floor.
  • The FS/EAP Director will make an announcement on the floor of the alarm, the floor above and below listen to the instructions and if directed to evacuate use the designated stairway.
  • Before opening a door feel the door or handle with the back of your hand, if it feels hot do not open the door.
  • As you are evacuating close any door that would stop the spread of smoke or fire.
  • If smoke is present, stay low and crawl on your hands and knees.
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